Silicone Rubber Tube

Fushuo is China manufacturer & supplier who mainly produces Silicone Rubber Tube with many years of experience. Hope to build business relationship with you. Our company specializes in the production of Silicone Rubber Tube suppliers and manufacturers. Our company uses high-quality materials for processing and manufacturing, sophisticated equipment, advanced technology, scientific management and first-class staff, as well as experienced designers, which can be designed and produced according to different requirements of customers. .

Silicone Rubber Tube are widely used and are easy to be used in pipeline connection, machinery, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, food, fire protection and other industries.

The characteristics of the rubber tube are physiological inertia, UV resistance, ozone resistance, high and low temperature resistance (-80 to 300 degrees), high transparency, strong resilience, compression resistance, permanent deformation, oil resistance, stamping resistance, acid and alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, Flame retardant, withstand voltage, electrical conductivity and other properties.
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  • High pressure steel wire woven hose is a type of hose widely used in the industrial field. It has technical characteristics such as high pressure resistance, high wear resistance, and high toughness, and is widely used in industries such as offshore oil, chemical industry, metallurgy, construction, and machinery. This type of hose can withstand harsh conditions such as high pressure, high temperature, and low temperature in extreme environments, and the steel wire weaving design to some extent increases its strength and durability.

  • Low Pressure Rubber Hose1 used for conveying saturated steam or superheated water. Low pressure rubber hose, conveying saturated steam or superheated water below 170 ℃, with a working pressure of 0.35Mpa for steam and 0.8Mpa for hot water

  • High pressure rubber hose for hydraulic mining, Steel wire braided hydraulic oil pipe, Corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, Rubber hose assembly, High pressure rubber hose for mining, Oil resistant steel wire woven hose, Hydraulic oil pipe assembly for filter press forklift, Mining hydraulic hose, Temperature and high-pressure rubber hose assembly, High pressure oil pipe of coal mine tunneling machine

  • Flame retardant smooth low-pressure hose, oil delivery hose, low-pressure Low Pressure Rubber Hose rubber hose, air hose clip, Production of cloth clamping rubber pipes, air rubber pipes, black high-temperature resistant oil delivery pipes, mechanical low-pressure rubber pipes, Manufacturer's direct supply of industrial supplies, rubber pipes, mining woven high and low pressure rubber pipes, low pressure wear-resistant water conveying rubber pipes

  • Hebei Fushuo is one of the famous China Fluorosilicone Tube Rubber Tube manufacturers and Fluorosilicone Tube Rubber Tube suppliers.It shows excellent durability after being immersed in the same medium, temperature and time. It can be said that fluorosilicone rubber is the only elastomer that is resistant to non-polar media at -68°C to 232°C.The fluorosilicone rubber has good resistance to methanol-containing gasoline.

  • Hebei Fushuo is one of the famous China Transparent Silicone Tube Rubber Tube manufacturers and Transparent Silicone Tube Rubber Tube suppliers.It which has good transparency, good temperature resistance and anti-aging, and is generally used in food factories, wineries and pharmaceutical factories.

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